Spares List

Royal Enfield Flying Flea

Blackout Mask Miller type, complete with lens & seal. (Fits onto existing headlamp). £176.00

Blackout Mask clasp. £24.50

Saddle Front Mounting. (Changes frame from civilian to W.D type). £45.00

Head Lamp support brackets. £49.80

Chain Guard with pump mountings. £78.00

Front Mudguard. £140.00 

Rear Mudguard. £160.00

Long Mudguard Stays W.D type (Light weight). £18.00 each

Short Mudguard Stays W.D type (Light weight) £18.00 each

Bridge Stays (between front forks) £14.00 each

Exhaust Front End Assembly, consists of front pipe, nut & expansion chamber W.D type. £268.00

Exhaust Nuts (Pipe to cylinder head). £46.00 each

Handle Bars W.D type. £140.00

Petrol Cap (W.D air portable type) with shut off valve - Engraved. £190.00

Rear Carrier (Lightweight). £86.00

Tool Box W.D type with fixings. £197.00

Kick start, Folding W.D Type - Material SG steel iron. £214.50

Foot Pegs (Drop down W.D type) - Material - SG steel iron. £74.00

Foot Peg Yokes (Pair) for modifying civilian to W.D type. £43.00

Foot Peg Bolt Assembly 5/16 bolt, nut, spring washer, x 2. £2.85

Foot Rest Arm Assembly £125.00 each (Please state if left side or right side is required)

Handle Bar Tightener Assembly. £63.50

We can convert post war civilian cylinder barrels to W.D type threaded barrels. £52.00

War time type Miller 6" headlamp shells available soon. £141.00

Headlamp ameter aperture blanking plate. £22.00

Air Filter WD Style (complete with clasp). £120.60

James ML

Blackout Mask Lucas type, complete with lens & seal. (Replaces existing headlamp rim). £176.00

Exhaust silencer. £106.50

Exhaust expansion chamber. £162.00

Exhaust front pipes, as original to give correct back pressure - not just a piece of pipe (non- chromed). £76.00 per pair

Exhaust nuts (Pipe to cylinder head). £34.80 each

Exhaust clamp (front pipe to expansion chamber). £12.40

Exhaust clamp (Silencer to expansion chamber). £12.40

Centre stand. £74.50

Centre stand anchor plates. £56.60 per pair

Centre stand return spring anchoring plates. £16.00

Springs for centre stand £14.40 each

Front Mudguard (No stays). £130.00

Rear Mudguard (No stays). £180.50

Long Mudguard stays. £18.00 each

Short slotted mudguard stays. £18.00 each

Foot rest pedals. Per pair. £75.00

Foot rest hanger. Per pair. £130.00

Foot rest joint. Per pair. £60.40

Foot rest square bar. £34.00

Foot rest spacer for square bar. £21.20 per pair

Chain Guard. £157.00

Petrol Cap W.D air portable type with shut off valve. £190.00

Handle Bars. £186.00

Handle bar tightener £61.00

Gear lever gate. £48.00

Gear Lever £22.00

Gear Lever Pivot Bolt £20.00

Gear control rod with Ball joint ends complete assembly £86.00

Brake foot pedal £220.00

Brake rod (front) complete with adjuster assembly. £71.00

Brake rod (Rear). £24.00

Front fork spindles £18.80 each

Front fork plates £16.80 each

Air Filter WD Style (complete with clasp). £120.60

Tool Box £282.00